Welcome to Edith’s New Blog!

Hi!  This is Edith’s daughter, June.  I am setting up a blog for my mom, because she has so many encouraging and challenging things to say and I feel like so many people could be blessed by her words.  Mom has been walking with the Lord for 86 years and has a rich reservoir of spiritual undertanding to share with us.  I have asked her to start posting the kinds of things she calls me on the phone to share from God’s Word, or devotional thoughts that she writes.  Hope you enjoy it!  Feel free to leave comments.


Enoch Walked With God


…and then suddenly it was not just the temporary walk, but the permanent abiding!

That is what I envision with the rapture! Suddenly my stumbling walk, with its many pitfalls, will be sure-footed in the delight of His close, never-ending presence—forever with Him!