Mary brought what she had as her gift to Jesus.  She poured precious ointment on His feet to anoint them, and then wiped them with her hair.


And when she left His presence, the same fragrance that rested upon Him became an aura surrounding her wherever she went—the fragrance of her love gift to her Lord.  It permeated the very air about her and blessed all who came near.


When we bring what we have as a love ministry for the Lord, through ministering those gifts to others, it is really for Him.  He has said, “Inasmuch as you have done it unto the least of these….you have done it unto Me.”  So our giving of what we have rises as a precious fragrance in the presence of the Lord.  And He allows the sweet aroma of His pleasure in the love gift we offer, to perfume our own lives as we go.  When we have ministered unto Him, His fragrance surrounds us.  It flows forth as a sweet essence from Jesus, and refreshes others whose lives we touch—an odor of sweet-smelling sacrifice, well-pleasing to Him.


May the fragrance of Jesus radiate from our lives each day!

One thought on “MARY’S MINISTRY

  1. So very well put my dear. Each day we have the opportunity to be a sweet fragrance in the lives of those around us. If we all kept that in mind, perhaps our lives would be more of a consistent blessing to others while also more favorable upon ourselves too.

    Keep writing Sister!

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