It is a hard concept for our finite minds to comprehend the Trinity–Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  How can “they” be “one” when there are three?

Then consider our own human make-up:  We are created in the image of God, so we are a ‘trinity” of body, soul and spirit.  Does that make us three different people? Of course not.  Each of these components has very specific characteristics.  Our body is the visible element; our soul is full of our personality; our  spirit is the part that responds to our Father.  But we are one person.

If I give someone an egg and ask them how many eggs I gave them, they will say, “One”.  But that egg has three distinct parts—shell, egg white and yolk.  Does that make it three eggs?  No. Each component of that egg has its own particular characteristic either in its function in the nutrition chain or the  purpose it serves in the life of the egg.

God’s three parts also have their individual characteristics:  God,  Loving Father (and so much more); Son–provider of our means of salvation, Bridegroom; Spirit–indwelling of God’s presence, teaching, convicting of sin.

Just as our three characteristics make us one person, so God’s three characteristics make Him one God.  And He has created us in His image so that we can be in a loving relationship with Him.

Oh, how He loves us!!!

Even so we see in the Trinity’s three characteristics that each has its own role.  They serve with totally different functions and characteristics, but it is all God.



My childhood was pretty unhappy as my  Mother was a difficult person to live with.  As a little girl I remember sitting on the front steps of our porch, crying my eyes out because I wanted so much to love my Mother, and realized I hated her.  At least in my hurting child-mind, that was the word I applied to the situation.

Years later as I was praying, the Lord burdened my heart with the need to forgive anyone who had ever wronged me—and of course the first person who came to mind was Mother.  So I began listing everything I could think of that had ever happened, and after each one, told the Lord that I forgave her for that.

Then a sudden thought flashed through my mind, “Yes, I forgive her, but wait till God gets hold of her!”  I was totally shocked at such a thought, and quickly asked God’s forgiveness for it; and in reaction to it prayed that God would utterly erase all the hurts  I had brought to Him so that those things would never be brought up against her.

Such a sweet peace flooded through me, and I KNEW I had truly forgiven my Mother.

She and Daddy came to live with us for the last year of her life, and as her frail body was wasting away, I was able to care for her, bathing her and ministering to her needs with great love.  I often wondered if I had not forgiven her, would  I have been able to care for her as I did.  It gave me such great joy to try and make her comfortable, and to realize how much I loved her.

And about a week before she passed away, as I brought her a cup of hot chocolate to try and coax sleep into her tired body, she looked up at me and said, “I love you”.  That was the first time in all my life that she ever said those words and hearing them was almost my  undoing—but what a blessing!

If I had never forgiven, would I ever have heard them?

Oh, forgiveness brings such a reward of joy and peace to one”s heart!


Several years after my husband passed away, I began to wonder if I should move closer to one of my children so that I would not be so isolated and alone.  So I took a six-month hiatus to be with all five of them, spending approximately five weeks with each one.  It became quite obvious during that time that God was not giving the green light for a move, so I flew back to Dallas and my home there.

As we were in the descent pattern for landing at DFW airport, I was looking out the window and praying, “God, how am I going to handle this?  I’ve been with my precious family for six months, and now I’m coming home to be all alone again.  How will I be able to make it?”

And out on the clouds there suddenly appeared a full, round rainbow…a complete circle.  And in the center of that circle was the shadow of the plane I was flying in. It was like His promise to me that I was going to be surrounded by His loving presence; and in all the following nine years that I was living there alone,  I never once felt lonely or unhappy, but had a life of great contentment and peace.

And then came a day when I heard a word in my spirit, “It’s time to go,” and I puzzled over that.  Was it really God giving me a new direction?  I told Him I wouldn’t have the first clue how to sell my house, where He wanted me to go, or how to handle any of the multitude of details that a move would entail.  Then He gave me a Scripture which made its impact, “Behold I send an angel before you to keep you in the way, and to bring you into the place that I have prepared for you.”  Then a call came from one of my children saying, “Mom have you ever thought of moving to Denver?”  I began yielding to God’s will and He opened doors before me that I didn’t even know were there.  When a problem would arise and I didn’t know what to do next, suddenly someone would be there with God’s answer, often without that person even knowing of the problem.  God is so creative!!

Finally He had all the pieces in place, furniture and car on the moving van, and I was in the plane headed for Denver.  Again I was looking out the window and praying, committing this new situation into God’s hands, and my life to His use in a new location.  And out on the clouds there appeared a round rainbow with the shadow of my plane in the center!!!  I knew, beyond any doubt, that I was not moving do Denver alone…that I was in God’s will, and that His presence would continue to surround me.

“I will never leave you nor forsake you” is His promise.  What a good Father!!!!


The italics are my thoughts:

Of what profit is it to anyone if we talk about having faith  but never display it by what we do?   (James 2:14)

     Don’t be a spiritual couch potato!

Faith is dead if it is not displayed by works, like a single person without a mate—no children.   (James 2:17)

    People knowing without doing could be like those plowing the ground and  then not bothering to sow any seed.   No harvest!

The body whose spirit has departed is dead. So faith without works is also dead .   (James 2:26)

    Works are the heartbeat of faith—gives it life.



I had just filled the dishpan with lovely, hot soapy water so that I could do the dishes.  And then the Spirit moved in my heart with the call to pray.  I wavered between obedience and using that ready-water for the job at hand; but the Spirit’s urging was very strong, so I obeyed, not really knowing what I was to pray for.


As I knelt there in the back living room , I suddenly saw a grass hut, and I knew there was someone inside in the darkness, and the individual was in the midst of a terrible mental and spiritual struggle.  So I began to pray for that person, that whatever the problem was, God would intervene and get victory.  Finally I sensed an “all’s well” in my spirit, so went back to my now-cool dishwater.


This was during the time of the Mau-Mau uprisings in Africa, when they were going about slaughtering the innocent, burning villages, and generally wreaking havoc and terror.  A few months after I’d prayed, I heard that the leader of the Mau-Mau had come to faith in Christ!…and I wondered…could he have been the one God led me to pray for that Day”  It is a very real possibility, and if it was, I wonder when I meet him in Heaven one day as we are worshiping God together, will he whisper a thank-you to an ordinary homemaker who stopped to pray?