I had just filled the dishpan with lovely, hot soapy water so that I could do the dishes.  And then the Spirit moved in my heart with the call to pray.  I wavered between obedience and using that ready-water for the job at hand; but the Spirit’s urging was very strong, so I obeyed, not really knowing what I was to pray for.


As I knelt there in the back living room , I suddenly saw a grass hut, and I knew there was someone inside in the darkness, and the individual was in the midst of a terrible mental and spiritual struggle.  So I began to pray for that person, that whatever the problem was, God would intervene and get victory.  Finally I sensed an “all’s well” in my spirit, so went back to my now-cool dishwater.


This was during the time of the Mau-Mau uprisings in Africa, when they were going about slaughtering the innocent, burning villages, and generally wreaking havoc and terror.  A few months after I’d prayed, I heard that the leader of the Mau-Mau had come to faith in Christ!…and I wondered…could he have been the one God led me to pray for that Day”  It is a very real possibility, and if it was, I wonder when I meet him in Heaven one day as we are worshiping God together, will he whisper a thank-you to an ordinary homemaker who stopped to pray?

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