It is a hard concept for our finite minds to comprehend the Trinity–Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  How can “they” be “one” when there are three?

Then consider our own human make-up:  We are created in the image of God, so we are a ‘trinity” of body, soul and spirit.  Does that make us three different people? Of course not.  Each of these components has very specific characteristics.  Our body is the visible element; our soul is full of our personality; our  spirit is the part that responds to our Father.  But we are one person.

If I give someone an egg and ask them how many eggs I gave them, they will say, “One”.  But that egg has three distinct parts—shell, egg white and yolk.  Does that make it three eggs?  No. Each component of that egg has its own particular characteristic either in its function in the nutrition chain or the  purpose it serves in the life of the egg.

God’s three parts also have their individual characteristics:  God,  Loving Father (and so much more); Son–provider of our means of salvation, Bridegroom; Spirit–indwelling of God’s presence, teaching, convicting of sin.

Just as our three characteristics make us one person, so God’s three characteristics make Him one God.  And He has created us in His image so that we can be in a loving relationship with Him.

Oh, how He loves us!!!

Even so we see in the Trinity’s three characteristics that each has its own role.  They serve with totally different functions and characteristics, but it is all God.

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