This was written after a hospital stay:


I have just come home from an alien land.

It was quite the strangest of places,

Where the ghosts wore gowns that were crisp and white

and the goblins wore masks on their faces.

And one special goblin, so neatly disguised

Stabbed an ugly spear into my vein.

And the venomous poison that flowed through the tip

Sent a blackness that covered my brain.

More goblins descended with lances and knives,

And fire-laden needles and probes.

I was helpless to fight them or fend for myself

As I lay there encased in white robes.

The language they spoke was an alien tongue.

Their food came in bottles and vials.

But they never partook of the potions they served

To me, with deceptive sweet smiles.

Oh, I’m glad to be home from this alien land

Where the ogres so filled me with dread.

….But somehow I sense a new spring in my step!

Could it be they were friendly instead?

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