Have you ever wondered about all that was involved in Christ’s death on the cross?

There was an unfathomable depth to his death which was not true of the other two who were crucified that day.

Scripture says that Jesus, who had no sin at all in His life, was made to be sin for us so that we might be made righteous. (II Cor. 5:21)  It was as if He became an adulterer, murderer, a thief, covetous—the list of sins goes on and on—and every  one of them, from the garden of Eden to the end of time, were heaped upon Him as He hung there.

The agony of the tearing of His flesh from the weight of His body pulling against the nails in His hands and feet was as nothing compared to the agony of the tearing of His soul as He carried the weight of our sins that day.  He had never before been separated from His Father; but God had to desert Him in that hour, for a holy God cannot look upon sin.  It called forth a soul-cry from Jesus, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken Me?”

 When He was in the garden of Gethsemane earlier, it is no wonder He cried out in prayer to God with loud cries and tears asking that if it were possible, He might be delivered from having to go through this.  He knew His relationship with His beloved Father would be severed in that hour, and it seemed more than He could bear.  Nevertheless He submitted Himself to God’s will and purpose for it all.

Well what does that event which happened over 1900 years ago have to do with us in this twenty-first century?

The punishment which we deserve because of the sin in our lives has been fully met because Jesus bore those sins upon Himself when He died that day.  Finished!  But how do we appropriate that freedom from sin for ourselves?   What are the requirements?

Let’s say you are given a gift.  You admire the wrapping; you say the bow is so beautifully tied; since it looks so lovely you just put it on your closet shelf so you can aesthetically enjoy looking at it, and ignore the expensive gift that was waiting to be revealed if you opened the box.  You don’t make that gift yours.

Perhaps we know all the teaching about Jesus’ life, death and resurrection and we agree with the facts, but have never owned them for ourselves.  We store that “box” on the shelf and miss the treasure inside.  Instead we need to thank Him for all He’s done, confess that we are sorry for our sin, and invite Him into our life, asking Him to help us live  in a way that will bring Him joy .

The treasure inside is forgiveness of sin and eternal life in Heaven, given as a gift when Jesus took your sins upon Himself and paid the penalty for them so you won’t have to.

  Is your box still on the shelf unopened?



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