My heart cries out in yearning love and tenderness, with deep desire to have stood by, in faithfulness and consolation, when Jesus was forsaken by those who were His friends and followers, so abused by the soldiers, accused by the religious leaders, delivered over by Pilate to be mercilessly nailed to the cross.  I would want to stand, fully knowing all that I know now, and realizing that “these things must needs be,” though that knowledge would have torn my heart out; knowing that if I were able to speak the word of persuasion that would have set Him free, then God’s holy purpose for sending His dear Son would be aborted.  But to just stand there and let it happen….Oh!….more than a human heart can bear!

But Oh!  To have been there, that by the contact of our eyes across rebellious heads, the touch of a hand in tender understanding, the comfort of the presence of one who loves Him, that somehow His aloneness might have been alleviated!

Then He gently reminds me, if I could have been there and stood steadfastly with Hm, it would have hindered God’s purpose. Jesus had to go through Gethsemane and the crucifixion alone.  He suffered the horrendous agony of being separated from God.  If I could have comforted Him or eased His grief, then I would have become a contributing part in His act of redemption, when it had to be His work alone.  The pain had to be His alone; the separation had to be His alone; the grief had to be His alone; the agony had to be His alone.  And how could I possibly have given Him any comfort when it was my sin that put Him there?  It was the work God had given Him alone to do, and He finished the work fully….alone.

Then He comforts me by letting me know that there is a way to project, even across the centuries of time, that ministry of love and faithfulness to Him.  “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these, ye have done it unto Me.”  There are so many opportunities surrounding me daily to minister love, compassion, understanding, and help to others in Jesus’ dear name.  This by-passes the human recipient, leaving its sweet residue to minister to each one’s need, but ascends like a fragrant incense into the courts of Heaven where Jesus whispers, “Ye have done it unto Me.”




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