Today as I was spending time with the Lord, and sharing some painful situations with Him, an old song we used to sing popped into my mind. I thought perhaps you, too, might be experiencing some difficulties, and that the words of this song might minister to you as well:

It will be worth it all

When we see Jesus.

Life’s trials will seem so small

When we see Him.

One look at His dear face,

All sorrows will erase.

So bravely run the race

“Til we see Christ!

2 thoughts on “IT WILL BE WORTH IT ALL

  1. I just recently discovered your blog, Edith, and I thank you so much for sharing! Your example and the details of your prayer life are especially meaningful to me, as I’m feeling drawn more and more to a deeper prayer walk with our Saviour and God. May He continue to bless and keep you!
    (Victoria, B.C., Canada)

  2. I’m so thankful to have found your blog (through the video you made on your prayer journal). I’m looking forward to learning more from you as you share your wisdom and teachings from the bible. Thank you! God bless you.

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