Christmas has become a time of such commercialism, and there is great anticipation in children’s hearts for the gifts that might have their name on them beneath the Christmas tree.

When my children were small, I wanted them to understand fully that Christmas was a day for us to celebrate the birthday of Jesus; so we had a special dessert for Christmas dinner to make them very aware of the real reason we celebrated that day.

I baked an angel food cake (angel food was appropriate) for the birthday cake, which was frosted with white divinity frosting.  One thing that made this cake outstanding to the children was that I always baked a dime into the batter– carefully sterilized, of course.  The cake had one tall white taper in the center hole and when it was lighted, we all held hands, bowed our heads, and softly sang   happy birthday  to Jesus.  Then the cake was cut, each child choosing just the spot in the cake they wanted for their serving., hoping to be fortunate enough to get the piece with the dime in it.

As the years went by, my children decided on their own the dime was so special that they took it to Sunday School the following  Sunday to put in the offering.  And now  that they are adults, most of them continue the Jesus-birthday-cake tradition in their own homes.

We never allowed our children to believe in Santa Claus either and they had great fun in greeting him as the storybook character he is. We wanted them always to know that we told them the truth.  If we made them believe Santa was real,  when they  eventually found out it was untrue, would they believe what we told them about Jesus was also untrue?  That was a risk we were unwilling to take.

Have a special “happy birthday Christmas” this year!!!

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