Common Sense versus Wisdom

When the children of Israel were finally to occupy the land God had promised them, He also instructed them to totally destroy every inhabitant of that idolatrous and sinful land so that godliness would be the hallmark of those who would now dwell there.

And then the fear-filled Gibeonites plotted a scheme to preserve themselves from the annihilation that had come to their neighbors.  They said they had come from a very far country, but had heard about God, and offered themselves and their countrymen to be servants to the Israelites  They offered proof of being from a long distance by showing them the moldy bread, the broken wineskins and their tattered clothing that had all been new when they left on the journey.

Common sense told the men of Israel that the condition those men were in was surely proof that they were being truthful, so they believed them.  They depended on their own observation and good reasoning that it was a good thing to accept what these men told them, and make an alliance with them.

However there was one important truth they missed; they didn’t pray about it to seek the counsel of the Lord—who knew the truth and would have given them warning!

As I meditated on this passage, I thought of times that I have depended on my own common sense. good reasoning and observations, and came up with my own decision without first asking my Father about it.  It must grieve God’s heart when He knows every pitfall and yet sees us go blindly ahead on the path of our own choosing.

May God give me (and all of us) the sensitivity to seek His wisdom when decisions need to be made.  He knows what’s best, and it must give Him a heart of joy when we trust Him to lead us on the right path.

One thought on “Common Sense versus Wisdom

  1. Thank you for your words of wisdom. I needed to be reminded of this again. I too often rely on common sense before looking to God in prayer.

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