Moving Day

My special grandson, all unaware, has been a little preacher to his Grandma .  It’s been as though he stands in my place, and his mother and daddy in God’s position…..
The move from the apartment was initially a time of great trauma for him.  In his baby understanding, he couldn’t possibly see all that was involved in the decision to move.  So because he couldn’t understand, he had great feelings of fear, uncertainty and insecurity.  Every box that left the apartment was part of his life being torn away from him.  If his daddy left the house or his mommy went out of his sight,  would they stay away like the boxes that were never brought back inside?  Such trauma!  He didn’t have the capability of understanding that his mommy and daddy had made such special plans for his happiness, such special preparations for his comfort—because he was so greatly loved and such a special child—because he belonged  uniquely to them.  And then came that final closing of the door, that turning of the key when he had to venture forth into a new world.

Soon another key was turned—another door was opened, and his eyes expressed the words of the Psalmist, “Thou hast set my feet in a large room”!   In spite of the clutter, he could see the possibilities.  And there was room to run free even in the midst of the boxes.  THE BOXES!!!  Why his life hadn’t been taken away from him at all!  Here it was—every little piece of it, but with so much more room to expand, and enjoy, and explore!  Life preserved—but more abundant life!

So this was my little preacher’s sermon, because his Grandma doesn’t always understand either.  But she’s a little up on that precious grandson because she knows her Father has only her good at heart, and she will hopefully live in patience, waiting for the “large room” that He has planned for her.  Then she’ll know by experience what she knows now by faith—that all the insecurity and fears and hurts today are only the surface evidences of a lack of understanding.  They’re all part of the necessary “boxes and clutter” for moving on to something so much finer.

Thank you, little preacher—and thank you, Lord!

2 thoughts on “Moving Day

  1. Thank you, Mrs. Leland! It is sad to see the boxes go away – the “boxes” with the names of our loved ones on them. It will be a happy day indeed to wake up in Glory and find those “boxes” there.

    Alas, those we know and love yet still living and who do not yet know the Lord don’t have their “shipping instructions” completed. One day, that information will be written indelibly. I certainly hope and pray that they make their decision for Christ. Apart from Him, that final destination will be most unpleasant.

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