Journey of Prayer Video

Please click this link to see Edith’s new video where she shares some stories from her own prayer journey and talks about the purpose of prayer.


3 thoughts on “Journey of Prayer Video

  1. I loved this video.. I wish we could sit and have coffee and you could share your insight. This so spoke to my heart because I’m a mom…(3 babies age 3 and under) and I’ve been convicted of not giving enough time to the Lord in my life.. you’re so right.. I can give 5 min a day and watch what He will do with it. Thank you for the encouragement and please keep making videos!!!

  2. Thank you so much Miss Edith for sharing your wisdom with us. Like Sarah-Jayne, I too am a young mother of 2 boys, ages 1 and 2, and a third little one on the way. I have also been convicted of not having enough one on one prayer time with the Lord. For several months, my desire has been to get up early each morning and seek Him with all my heart, soak in His word, and intercede for others, but my body has just been so, so drained. Watching this video, along with your “Prayer Journal” video was so encouraging, and so uplifting! As I listened to your journey, I could feel my spirit rekindling the flame that had long been quenched. I have now embraced the honor and privilege of walking in partnership with the Lord. It is SUCH a blessing! Thank you so much for sharing the things that the Lord has put in your heart to share! Your words are filled with love and encouragement, and through them, we can feel the love of God drawing us nearer to Him. May the Lord open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it!

  3. Edith, You are an amazing woman of God. Thank you for sharing about your prayer journal. God used you greatly to speak to me about the importance of praying faithfully and how I can do that. Thank you for devoting your life to the service of God….and in such an important service of interceding for others. May He continue to greatly bless you and your family. I know that He has blessed me through you.

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