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My Son (On His First Day of School)

He marched off today like a soldier,

      But no soldier could look so grand.

His head was brushing the fluffy clouds;

      His pencil was clutched in his hand.

A soldier with patriot ardor

      In the battle or solemn parade

Could not know such pride as my five-year-old

      As he joyfully entered first grade.


His first day of high school or college

      Will be thrilling and challenging, too.

He will meet them with anticipation

      For experiences which are new.

But the joy that he finds at those portals

      Will be joy that is shopworn and frayed

Compared with the joy that he knew today

      When he proudly set off for first grade.


I have seen a great queen’s coronation.

      I have seen many rulers and kings.

They travel in pomp and in splendor

      With the prestige their high estate brings.

But today there’s not one of those monarchs

      Who could fill my son’s shoes as he’s made

This gigantic step over the threshold

      Which has ushered him into first grade!