Fear vs. Faith

A good word for today!

“Fear knocked at the door!  Faith answered and nobody was there!


Moving Day

My special grandson, all unaware, has been a little preacher to his Grandma .  It’s been as though he stands in my place, and his mother and daddy in God’s position…..
The move from the apartment was initially a time of great trauma for him.  In his baby understanding, he couldn’t possibly see all that was involved in the decision to move.  So because he couldn’t understand, he had great feelings of fear, uncertainty and insecurity.  Every box that left the apartment was part of his life being torn away from him.  If his daddy left the house or his mommy went out of his sight,  would they stay away like the boxes that were never brought back inside?  Such trauma!  He didn’t have the capability of understanding that his mommy and daddy had made such special plans for his happiness, such special preparations for his comfort—because he was so greatly loved and such a special child—because he belonged  uniquely to them.  And then came that final closing of the door, that turning of the key when he had to venture forth into a new world.

Soon another key was turned—another door was opened, and his eyes expressed the words of the Psalmist, “Thou hast set my feet in a large room”!   In spite of the clutter, he could see the possibilities.  And there was room to run free even in the midst of the boxes.  THE BOXES!!!  Why his life hadn’t been taken away from him at all!  Here it was—every little piece of it, but with so much more room to expand, and enjoy, and explore!  Life preserved—but more abundant life!

So this was my little preacher’s sermon, because his Grandma doesn’t always understand either.  But she’s a little up on that precious grandson because she knows her Father has only her good at heart, and she will hopefully live in patience, waiting for the “large room” that He has planned for her.  Then she’ll know by experience what she knows now by faith—that all the insecurity and fears and hurts today are only the surface evidences of a lack of understanding.  They’re all part of the necessary “boxes and clutter” for moving on to something so much finer.

Thank you, little preacher—and thank you, Lord!

Common Sense versus Wisdom

When the children of Israel were finally to occupy the land God had promised them, He also instructed them to totally destroy every inhabitant of that idolatrous and sinful land so that godliness would be the hallmark of those who would now dwell there.

And then the fear-filled Gibeonites plotted a scheme to preserve themselves from the annihilation that had come to their neighbors.  They said they had come from a very far country, but had heard about God, and offered themselves and their countrymen to be servants to the Israelites  They offered proof of being from a long distance by showing them the moldy bread, the broken wineskins and their tattered clothing that had all been new when they left on the journey.

Common sense told the men of Israel that the condition those men were in was surely proof that they were being truthful, so they believed them.  They depended on their own observation and good reasoning that it was a good thing to accept what these men told them, and make an alliance with them.

However there was one important truth they missed; they didn’t pray about it to seek the counsel of the Lord—who knew the truth and would have given them warning!

As I meditated on this passage, I thought of times that I have depended on my own common sense. good reasoning and observations, and came up with my own decision without first asking my Father about it.  It must grieve God’s heart when He knows every pitfall and yet sees us go blindly ahead on the path of our own choosing.

May God give me (and all of us) the sensitivity to seek His wisdom when decisions need to be made.  He knows what’s best, and it must give Him a heart of joy when we trust Him to lead us on the right path.


Christmas has become a time of such commercialism, and there is great anticipation in children’s hearts for the gifts that might have their name on them beneath the Christmas tree.

When my children were small, I wanted them to understand fully that Christmas was a day for us to celebrate the birthday of Jesus; so we had a special dessert for Christmas dinner to make them very aware of the real reason we celebrated that day.

I baked an angel food cake (angel food was appropriate) for the birthday cake, which was frosted with white divinity frosting.  One thing that made this cake outstanding to the children was that I always baked a dime into the batter– carefully sterilized, of course.  The cake had one tall white taper in the center hole and when it was lighted, we all held hands, bowed our heads, and softly sang   happy birthday  to Jesus.  Then the cake was cut, each child choosing just the spot in the cake they wanted for their serving., hoping to be fortunate enough to get the piece with the dime in it.

As the years went by, my children decided on their own the dime was so special that they took it to Sunday School the following  Sunday to put in the offering.  And now  that they are adults, most of them continue the Jesus-birthday-cake tradition in their own homes.

We never allowed our children to believe in Santa Claus either and they had great fun in greeting him as the storybook character he is. We wanted them always to know that we told them the truth.  If we made them believe Santa was real,  when they  eventually found out it was untrue, would they believe what we told them about Jesus was also untrue?  That was a risk we were unwilling to take.

Have a special “happy birthday Christmas” this year!!!


This morning the skies were cloudy presenting a gloomy day. Suddenly the sun broke through with brilliance, flooding my house with such cheerful brightness it called  forth my spontaneous burst of praise! “Oh God!  Thank you for making the sun—thank you for making the moon—and thank you for making me!!”

In my spirit He whispered, “You are of more value to Me in My kingdom than the sun and the moon are in the universe.”

That was a staggering thought! I mulled that  over in my mind and could well imagine a conversation in Heaven which may have been like this:  “I want to make mankind so that there will be those with whom We can companion, but We need to prepare a place for them to dwell.  They will be special, so the place we make for them will need to be special as well.  Let’s make a sun to light their day and a moon and stars for the night.  We’ll make trees and flowers  and a beautiful garden because they are so loved!”

I can identify with that. When I created a gift for my child, I spent time and thought in its preparation, anticipating the joy on my child’s face when the package was opened.  But to me, my child was so much more special than the gift I had created.  I just wanted my creation to give my child joy.

…..and if you have opened your heart to Jesus and asked Him to forgive your sins, then you are one of His children for whom He has created the sun and the moon, and all His beautiful creation. You are His treasure and His creation is your gift.

“For you are all the children of God by faith in Jesus Christ” Galatians 3:26


Today as I was spending time with the Lord, and sharing some painful situations with Him, an old song we used to sing popped into my mind. I thought perhaps you, too, might be experiencing some difficulties, and that the words of this song might minister to you as well:

It will be worth it all

When we see Jesus.

Life’s trials will seem so small

When we see Him.

One look at His dear face,

All sorrows will erase.

So bravely run the race

“Til we see Christ!


When things we are hoping to accomplish turn out well, we are tempted to feel quite elated and perhaps self-satisfied; but we need for that bubble to burst when the truth is injected into it.

Actually we are like a tool which sits on the workbench, a tool which just sits there unable to move through its own efforts. It is not until the Craftsman picks it up in His hand and begins wielding it with His skill that anything beautiful or useful can be fashioned.  Can the tool assume credit for the beautiful product that has been created?  Absolutely not!  Only the Craftsman s to be praised!

But some would say, “But I am so willing to be used.” Good!  But what is the source of that willingness?  Does it arise from the ashes of our old nature?  I think not!  All  the good roads we choose to travel are our choice because of the presence of our new nature.  And who is responsible for giving us a new nature?  It is the gift given to us by the presence of the Holy Spirit when we trust in the finished work of Christ on the cross to forgive our sins.  Obviously our willingness is a gift that we have received from our dear Father.  It is God who works within us both to WILL and to DO what pleases Him.  (Phil. 2:13)

So all the glory goes to the Craftsman. It’s all GOD!!!

Does that mean He excludes us from the joy of what has been accomplished? Not a bit of it!!  He has called us to be co-laborers with Him in the things He wishes to do. Ephesians 2:10 says that we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works which He planned for us to be involved in even before the world was created.  That’s how long ago He made plans for using His special, chosen tools to use in accomplishing His good purposes.  He uses us in fulfilling all that He has ordained.

So yes— He does it all—but allows us to enter into the holy work of producing beauty along with Him!

We are blest indeed!